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Sunraise, Inc. is celebrating over forty years of providing the printing industry with the highest quality, most energy efficient thermography equipment in the world.

1978: As with most companies SUNRAISE, Inc., started small, first manufacturing only the SUNRAISE, Inc., Tabletop thermography machines. Many of these machines are still in use today.

1981: As raised print became more popular, and printing machines became larger and faster. SUNRAISE, Inc., recognized that printing companies could benefit from an electric thermography machine that would work inline with their press. To address this need SUNRAISE, Inc., manufactured the inline S-Series Thermographer. Time has proven that both the SUNRAISE, Inc., S-5000 and S-7000 are a continuation of our philosophy to incorporate the very highest quality workmanship and durability into our machines, as many of these machines are also still in service today.

1987: SUNRAISE, Inc., introduces our first high speed business card slitter. Again the needs of the industry were the incentive for this machine. SUNRAISE, Inc., recognized that our customers, as well as potential customers had a need for a business card slitter that would cut raised printed cards accurately and at production speeds. This need was managed with the manufacturing of the SUNRAISE, Inc., Super-12 Business Card Slitter.

1991: As the printing industry evolved so has SUNRAISE, Inc. Print shop owners were looking for a high speed energy efficient thermography machine to raise print on sheets up to fifteen inches wide. SUNRAISE, Inc., developed and manufactured the HP-Series thermography machines with the energy smart heat zone.

1996: SUNRAISE, Inc., acquired the assets of the Virkotype Corporation’s equipment division. With its roots beginning over a half century ago, Virkotype was a recognized leader and early pioneer in the thermography industry. SUNRAISE, Inc., continues to serve Virkotype equipment owners as a reliable source for quality spare parts and by upgrading equipment to more mainstream technology.

1997: Introducing the SUNRAISE, Inc., SE-Series Thermographers. As a result of the purchase of the Virkotype Corporation’s equipment division, SUNRAISE, Inc., combined the best of Virkotype technology with the best of SUNRAISE, Inc., to provide the thermography industry with the highest quality, most durable and energy efficient large format thermography machines in the market today. At this time SUNRAISE, Inc., also began to manufacture the large format automatic PS machines. These machines provide the heat transfer industry the ability to cleanly apply and remove adhesive powder to their printed image. The SUNRAISE, Inc., automatic PS machines have increased production and provide a cleaner work environment to the heat transfer industry.

1998: SUNRAISE, Inc., designed a removable knife cassette for the SUNRAISE, Inc., business card slitter. The new design is to offer customers the option of a total cassette exchange when needed. The new SUNRAISE, Inc., Super 12/RC Business Card Slitter provides the same quality cuts at production speeds as the previous model, and now customers may also take advantage of the convenient exhange program.

2000: SUNRAISE, Inc., introduces the world’s first 40″ wide thermography machine! This machine created an exposure to process thermography in non-traditional segments of the printing industry.

TODAY: SUNRAISE, Inc., continues to recognize the needs of the printing industry. We continually upgrade our machines to keep current with the ever changing electrical and mechanical technology available. SUNRAISE, Inc., offers companies of all sizes, features that equate to profitability. Our reputation for high productivity, long term durability and maximum energy savings has earned us the respect from the nation’s most experienced, most productive and most cost efficient thermography producing companies.

Currently, the SUNRAISE Model HP/15 is in the start up packages of each of the world’s business card franchises. Other customer ranges from small specialty stationery production centers to the world’s largest producers of quality social and business stationery. Fortune 500 companies such as Hallmark Cards and American Greetings likewise have chosen SUNRAISE as their thermography machinery equipment vendor.

Our Story

SUNRAISE, Inc., products are proudly made in the U.S.A. With independent representatives based in the U.S.A., and Europe, SUNRAISE has established a worldwide network of competent sales and service people who are uniquely positioned to distribute our quality products with service capabilities virtually anywhere in the world. SUNRAISE, Inc., is the world leader!

Meet the Team

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President, Engineering and Service


Becky Wurmlinger

Office Manager, Powder Sales and all other questions


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